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We want to offer our employees an incentive for participating in our wellness program. What types of things have been proven to work the best?

Each company is different, so we recommend including questions related to incentives on your Interest Survey. Many self-insured companies find that an insurance reduction is highly motivating to their employees. Other companies who may not be self-insured or who may not want to go that route, may choose to offer a cash incentive. Whatever you choose to do, we recommend offering some type of incentive at the beginning of the program and including smaller incentives along the way as well. The problem we have heard quite often from clients in regards to offering one incentive at the conclusion of the program,  is that if employees know they will not qualify for the large prize at the end, they tend to not participate in the program at all. The key is to offer your employees encouragement and rewards all along the way, so no one gives up and everyone is healthier at the finish line.

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