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What is the difference in a rapid drug screen and a send-off?

A rapid drug screen will give you the ability to get most of the results back the same day. The test generally takes less than 5 minutes when performed, not including any problems that may occur. If the result is negative, we can contact you at the end of the day, or early morning of the next day, depending on when the employee comes in. The employee will also be given paperwork that he/she can bring to you directly. If the test comes back as non-negative, at that point we send the sample off for further testing to a SAMSHA Certified Lab. The result is then sent back to our physicians to review.

A “Send Off” is sent to the lab directly for processing. The results take 48-72 hours to receive. The results have to be processed, reviewed, and by law our physicians must make good faith efforts to contact the employee in case of a non-negative result. A lab certified test is required for participants of the Drug Free Workplace Program. Please see our Drug Screen Info Sheet for more details.

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