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What type of drug screen should our company require?

The drug screen we recommend typically depends on the reason the drug screen is being conducted. For pre-employment drug screens, we recommend a 10-panel rapid. The 10-panel tests for the largest variety of drugs, including prescription drugs, which have become such a problem. If the test results in a non-negative, it will be sent to the lab for an MRO review. If the drug screen is being done in response to a situation (i.e. accident, injury, random, for cause), we recommend performing a 10-panel lab certified test. The reason for this is because the lab certified tests require a chain of custody and a more regulated testing structure. If the test results may lead to the termination of an employee, a lab certified test will be a more reliable piece of evidence if it becomes a legal matter. We strongly recommend consulting your legal counsel when defining your company drug screen policy. Also, if your company is part of the Drug Free Workplace program, you must use a lab certified test. Please see our Drug Screen Info Sheet for more detailed information on individual drug screens.

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